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How to get glow on face with serum?

Are you tired of seeing all your efforts going in vain to make your skin glowing and hydrating?
Well, we are going to put a full stop on your skin problems related to glow, hydration and a few others.
Have you tried considering a skin serum?
You might be using a cleanser, toner and a best moisturizer but did you try adding a skin serum? It gives your skin some natural glow with added benefits. Skin serums are specially made keeping in mind your specific skin problems.
So, be it that you are looking a solution for wrinkles, fine lines, acne, dark spots or dull skin, skin serums are sure to entertain all such problems.

Spoil yourself with the luxury of Skin Serums

Filled with the benefits of nutrients, glycerin, ceramides, Vitamins C, K and E including the power boosters from the natural ingredients like aloe and cucumber etc., skin serums usually comes in two types: oil and water based.
They penetrate in your affected skin to offer you phenomenal results. These are not like the traditional creams or moisturizers that leave your skin greasy; the skin serums that are introduced in the new age uses silicon that gives your skin the necessary supplements.

When and How?

To get best results, try and incorporate skin serums in your daily routine; a dime size of the serum is enough to do wonders to your skin.
Follow the below steps to see great transformation in your skin:

  • Cleanse your face and use an alcohol-free toner and give the two some good time to settle into your skin. This is important to allow the serum to penetrate better in the skin.
  • Wait a little after you apply the serum to your skin. There must be some gap between applying the serum and a moisturizer.
  • It is better if you keep your moisturizer in a cool place, cold moisturizers helps pushing the blood away while taking in the serum, penetrating it better.

Major Benefits

All the available serums in the markets are made to target the skin problems. The benefits may vary for skin to skin.

  • The most usual benefits as stated by the renowned dermatologists are: they help restore moisture of the skin, keep the elasticity intact and regulate the oil production.
  • It also hydrates our skin, increasing the nourishment, preventing acne, brightens the skin and strengthens the skin cells.

It is no wonder that these new age serums are doing great to our skin; where the serums contain almost 75% of active ingredients, the traditional moisturizers only contains 5-10% of active ingredients and leave our skin greasy.
So, before you step out in the market do not forget to add a skin serum to your basket to get glowing skin.



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